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No Booze.

The World's First Hemp Elixir

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The conscious drink mixer that's setting a new standard. ELEVATE Elixir blends modern tech with ancient wisdom to help you feel good in your own body.

Made better, for you

Enhance your mood
Protect Your Brain
Detox Your Liver
Works In Minutes
Sip without sacrifice

Sip without sacrifice

Mix ELEVATE into your drinks for a mood-enhancing effect, with or without alcohol. Enjoy the social ritual of having a drink without harming your brain, liver, or waistline.

Instead of dulling your senses, ELEVATE Elixir enhances the present moment, allowing you to connect, relax, and unwind...naturally.

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Other ways to elevate your day

Elevate the way you feel when you rest, work and play on a daily basis.


All the calm and ritual of wine, without the alcohol.


No hangover to recover from, and helps you recover from your active day.


Enhance your focus and energy without the crash of coffee.


Loosen social nerves and enjoy an invigorating state of presence with others.


Broad Spectrum+

The difference you can feel

State of the art cold-press processing, zero additives, zero chemical, zero THC.

100% Legal in All 50 States
Clarksville, TN


This product was given to me as a gift. Took about three minutes to feel the effect. My stomach immediately unclenched and I didn't know it was even tight! Generally had no idea that this effect would be so profound.

- Steven

Venice, CA

Relaxation is needed

This is one of the best -- and safest -- ways I know to relax right now. I needed an alcohol hiatus and this really does the job of bringing down anxiety in a healthier way. I like that I can count on the purity of the ingredients.

- Richard

Austin, TX


I’m obsessed with this stuff. Been trying to quit coffee and drink alcohol less often. This is a great alternative for both. On the rare nights I do drink, the Elixer is an awesome next day hangover cure too!

- Nancy


ELEVATE is 4 all-natural ingredients with an herbal, floral taste like the earth it comes from.

Broad Spectrum+
Hemp Oil

Organic extract with hundreds of therapeutic plant botanicals

Quillaja Extract

A plant-based emulsifier

Fatty Acids

Natural oils to aid absorption


Natural water & oil mixture stabilizer


Sourcing Transparency

Chemical Residues


Heavy Metals


Residual Solvents

Got the facts

You've Got the Facts, Now Get the Feeling

Indulge in a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or are a busy parent, an athlete, keto, or sober curious, it’s time to get elevated!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
lydia gunn
Great alternative to a night cap.

I am so happy to have an alternate to an evening night cap. I sleep so much better and wake up refreshed.

Claire Jones

Love it! Replaced my evening wine!

Updated:***Owner reached out*** I'm torn

****This is review is updated****
The owner reached out after my review and offered some insight on why I had troubles, and also offered to replace my piece. I was blown away by the message, kindness, and support this company offered. It will not be forgotten. If you are on the fence go ahead and make the purchase. You'll be purchasing from kind and thoughtful people who care about you and your purchase.

I liked the product. Like other reviewers the product leaked quite a bit. In addition, the tube I had in the bottle was too long, and it was incredibly bent. I think it may have gotten shoved in during manufacturing? Because of this, it never squirted correctly in addition to the leaking. I feel like I wasn't getting my monies worth with all the leakage, but I did enjoy the product. Because of the kink in the tube, there was always strange pressure building or not building and the cap would just pop off whenever it felt the need. It is bit expensive so I'm torn whether to order again. It is possible mine was just defective, and that could have been the case with my order.

mike stringer


Great product

Elivate Elixir, Amazing! you just chill, no High just Bliss. Gave it 4 stars due the cost may keep this from reaching more people.

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