AMMA brings healing, balance, and wellness to our planet, by providing the highest quality hemp products.

We formulate our products to maximize homeostasis in the body, allowing you to become your best self... naturally.

We believe that natural wellness should be accessible to everyone.

AMMA’s core ethos is to provide natural, effective, hemp-derived products to everyone at affordable prices. In a booming industry with little regulation, AMMA takes quality, transparency, and education of our products seriously.

Indeed, AMMA was born out of our disappointing purchases of CBD products, finding poor results and no transparency about the product or its extraction process. When we researched starting our own company, we learned that about 85% of CBD products currently on the market do not accurately report the contents of the product, have less CBD than needed to experience the effects, or contain no CBD at all!

We created AMMA to provide real wellness solutions to consumers looking to optimize their lives. We believe everyone should know exactly what they put in their bodies and its impact on the body. We have done the research to ensure you receive consistent, effective products with absolutely no, and we mean 0.0%, THC, the unwanted psychoactive component of the hemp plant.

Our extraction process is on the leading edge of science, which means it uses latest technology to retain all the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant that work synergistically with CBD without causing degradation or harm to the quality of the plant. We respect the plant and its natural intelligence, and our extraction process allows us to maximize its beneficial effects and deliver them with the fastest absorption.

Check out our QR page to see how we provide transparency about the quality and ingredients of our products!

We have teamed up with world class mentors and formulators to create the future of wellness products. AMMA’s products are pushing the wellness community forward, and we are constantly researching and developing efficient and optimal ways of offering the benefits of CBD.

Much love, AMMA Family