The AMMA Difference

AMMA brings healing, balance, and wellness to our planet, by providing the highest quality hemp products.

We formulate our products to maximize homeostasis in the body, allowing you to become your best self... naturally.

AMMA’s core ethos is to provide natural, effective, hemp-derived products to everyone at affordable prices. In a booming industry with little regulation, AMMA seeks to stand apart through exceptional quality, transparency, and educational resources.

Born from our commitment to provide real wellness solutions, we have undertaken superior and ethical practices to formulate the highest quality hemp-derived products from farm to bottle. Guided by our respect for the plant and its natural intelligence, our organic plants are sustainably grown without pesticides or chemicals and are genetically-consistent to ensure quality you can trust. Our state-of-the-art extraction process uses the most sophisticated technology to create the “cold-pressed" juice of hemp with 0.0% THC (the intoxicating component), using no harmful chemicals and no additives. This means we preserve our products’ pure, natural benefits without any degradation. We call it Broad Spectrum+.

Our dedication to creating quality products includes educating our consumers and providing transparent, honest information about what’s in every bottle. Many brands in this industry cut corners to increase profit margins, resulting in 85% of hemp-derived products with inaccurately reported contents, including the amount of THC. Everyone has a right to know exactly what they put in their bodies, so we test and track every batch of product and put our verified third-party lab tests on every bottle. There’s no question about the transparency, quality, and ingredients in our products.

At AMMA, we are pioneering the future of self-care, teaming up with world class mentors and formulators. We believe that the future includes a paradigm shift towards empowered and personalized wellness, and we are constantly researching and developing how the benefits of hemp-derived products encourage this shift. Self-care is not one-size-fits-all, and we are devoted to creating products that help you unlock your best self... naturally.

Thank you for joining us on this wellness journey, and welcome to the future of wellness!

Much love, Your AMMA Family