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Sip Without Sacrifice

Take a break from the booze, or simply protect your mind and body from its harmful effects

Sip Without Sacrifice

Get the Buzz without the Booze

Mix with any drink

Legal across the US

Nutrient-rich, organic, hemp-extract products for a balanced mind, body, and soul.

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The Difference You Can Feel

State of the art cold-press processing, zero additives, zero chemical, zero THC

Get Elevated

Our newest product, ELEVATE Elixir, offers a mood-enhancing effect to beverages, providing a perfect way to unwind with or without alcohol. Our all-natural, organic, calorie-free elixir enhances the present moment and calms the mind.

Sourcing Transparency

Standard Certificates of Analysis (COAs) check for the amount of THC, PCR Hemp Extracts, and presence of foreign materials. We go above and beyond by testing for and ensuring our products are free of all harmful substances.






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Why I AMMA...

  • Elevate

    I’ve used CBD products for years for pain relief and anxiety reduction, but still relied on a glass of wine to lift my mood and relax me. Since going alcohol-free I’ve been using Elevate instead, and have been surprised to find I don’t miss the alcohol at all! Would recommend it to everyone!

    Brittany | 03/30/2020

  • Nano Soft Gels

    I started taking the AMMA soft held while I was weaning myself off of caffeine. I don't know what I would have done without it, it lessened my headaches massively and unlike similar products I could really feel the anti inflammatory soothing my body. Can't recommend it enough!

    Rachel | 01/09/2020

  • Salve

    The lavender eucalyptus balm is amazing for relieving sore muscles and tension after a long day. I love using it on my neck and shoulders before bed or on a long plane journey to relax. The calming scent and quick pain relief make it ideal for everyday use for a variety of ailments!

    Natalie | 12/10/2019

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