Ep 2: Cannabis Genetics - How Your DNA Makes Your Cannabis Experience Unique

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In Episode 2 of our Wellness Webinar Series, Epigenetic Expert David Krantz joined AMMA Founder Ted Moskovitz to explore how our individual DNA influences our relationship and experience with CBD and Cannabis. As an Epigenetics Expert for the Apeiron Center, David developed a genetic test that looks at endocannabinoid function in the human body. 

Using Ted's personal DNA test, they dived into how his (and everyone's!) genetics influence THC and CBD metabolism, risk factors with THC use, cannabinoid receptor sensitivity, and a lot more. David and Ted also discussed why your genes are not your destiny, but rather a road map that can help you understand what to put in your body. If you're a beginner wondering if CBD is right for you, or a cannabis veteran wondering how you can responsibly use the plant long-term, the episode can be found here:  


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