AMMA Healing Unveils ELEVATE Elixir, a Alcohol Alternative with Buzz

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May 27, 2020, Austin, Texas - Austin-based AMMA Healing today announced ELEVATE, a 0.0% THC hemp-based beverage alternative to alcohol. ELEVATE offers a mood-enhancing effect to beverages, providing a perfect new way to unwind with or without alcohol. ELEVATE is the fifth product offering from the company founded by technology and wellness entrepreneurs in 2019.

"With ELEVATE, we've taken our Broad Spectrum+ hemp oil and, through sophisticated technology, converted it to a nano-emulsion form. This means the particles are extremely bio-available, so much so that they start absorbing as soon as you take a sip of your beverage. You quite literally feel the difference in just a few minutes. Only nano-emulsified hemp products are able to be effectively mixed with any beverage and deliver the mood-enhancing effects immediately," says Matt McKibbin, Co-Founder of AMMA Healing. "We are very excited to see what kind of recipes will emerge from our customers as they experiment with this revolutionary new product.“

Features and benefits of ELEVATE Elixir include:

  • ELEVATE, a 0.0% THC hemp elixir, is the conscious drink mixer that provides a sober buzz that can be added to any beverage, with or without alcohol.
  • Maintains the social ritual of enjoying an adult beverage with a meaningful mood-enhancement, without harming your brain, liver, or waistline.
  • Formulated with zero harmful chemicals and zero additives. All-natural, organic, vegetarian, and calorie-free.
  • It’s unlike anything else on the market because it works in minutes to enhance your experience, mood, and health.
“For too long, consumers haven’t had many alternatives to alcohol when looking for a beverage that gives a worthwhile state change. Not only did previous CBD beverages not really deliver a noticeable feeling, but they negatively impacted the taste and texture of beverages, and were a poor addition to most recipes.

Not only can we now get all the buzz without the booze, but we can incorporate this hemp elixir into nearly any recipe, all while providing our body meaningful health benefits. ELEVATE is truly the future of nightlife beverages and conscious consumption. ELEVATE belongs in every restaurant, bar, and at-home kitchen cabinet,” says Ted Moskovitz, Co-Founder.

Co-Founder Danielle Sunberg adds, “With ELEVATE, consumers can participate in the social ritual of having an adult beverage that gives a state change similar to alcohol without suffering from headaches, hangovers, and dehydration.”

ELEVATE is now available for a special launch discount of 20% off through June 8th, 2020. For more information on AMMA Healing, visit here.

About AMMA Healing
Founded in 2019 by former tech and wellness entrepreneurs, AMMA Healing is a privately-held hemp-based health and wellness company based in Austin, Texas. AMMA’s mission is bringing healing, balance, and wellness to our planet by providing the highest quality hemp products. AMMA's phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil is cold-extracted from organic, non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado. AMMA formulates its products to maximize homeostasis in the body, allowing you to become your best self, naturally.

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