Cosmetic and Cannabis Executive Sandi Lesueur Joins AMMA Healing Advisory Board

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AUSTIN, TX, February 25, 2020 - AMMA Healing Co., the Austin-based health and wellness company announces the addition of global beauty brand expert, Sandi Lesueur, as a member of its board of advisors. AMMA’s core ethos is to provide natural, effective, hemp-derived products to everyone at affordable prices. The addition of Ms. Lesueur is a strategic decision intended to facilitate their mission to bring real wellness solutions to global consumers.

An accomplished cosmetics and cannabis executive, Ms. Lesueur has launched and designed several product lines for world-renowned physicians and celebrities, such as dermatologist Dr. Jason Rivers, and Oprah Winfrey’s makeup artist, Derrick Rutledge at OOH Lifestyle. During her extensive experience at M.A.C Cosmetics, she played an integral part of the leadership and business development team, sharpening her expertise in identifying cutting-edge brands and positioning them as enduring innovators in the ever-evolving beauty and wellness industry. M.A.C Cosmetics later sold for US $300 million to Estée Lauder Inc. and continues to be renowned as a global cosmetics trendsetting brand.

Most recently, as President of Urban Juve, a Cannabis-based, Ayurveda-inspired skincare and beauty brand, Sandi positioned the freshly-launched brand as a pioneering force in the lucrative, blossoming sector of full-spectrum health. In 2005, she also co-founded Riversol MD and led Riversol Skin Care with dermatologist and clinical professor at UBC, Dr. Jason Rivers, currently Vice President of the Canadian Dermatology Association.

“We are honored to welcome Sandi Lesueur to our advisory family. Her experience spans the international cosmetics and cannabis industries, and her business strategies and values are aligned with our mission to pioneer the future of wellness with leading self-care products,” said Danielle Sunberg, Co-Founder of AMMA Healing

Sandi has also been prominently featured in many international publications, including Forbes, ELLE, Vogue, Elevate, Flare and Vanity Fair. Sandi has fostered a powerful and respected international network of award-winning physicians, chemists, manufacturers, and distributors. She has a wealth of business development skills tailored for wellness brands breaking into the international market.

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About Sandi Lesueur

Sandi’s 20+ year career includes the design, launch, and global sales strategy of multiple CBD & THC brands and non-cannabis topicals for physicians and celebrities. As an initial part of the meteoric rise of MAC Cosmetics, Sandi developed the expertise to recognize and situate innovative brands as future dominant players while contributing to its growth with only 3 retail locations to being sold for over US $300 million to Estée Lauder Inc.

This journey helped foster a robust international network of award-winning physicians, chemists, manufacturers, and distributors and has given her a business development skillset tailored for wellness brands striving for global market share. For over a decade, she co-founded Riversol MD and led Riversol Skin Care with dermatologist & clinical professor at UBC, Dr. Jason Rivers, currently Vice President of the Canadian Dermatology Association. Her senior position evolved from COO to CEO. Sandi has held executive leadership positions with both private and public organizations.

Her expertise includes raising capital, initiating clinical trials and the design, launch and international distribution strategy of cannabis and non-cannabis brands.

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