Broad Spectrum+ Salve

Certificate of Analysis

When you look at this COA, you may notice our salve contains trace amounts of coumaphos, an insect repellent used to control Varroa mites in honey bee colonies.

Bee foragers pick up Coumaphos when foraging outside the hive, and then bring it back to the hive when depositing their honey. Even though no coumaphos is used in our beehives, our bees get around, and pick it up from nearby hives.

This is why there are trace amounts of Coumaphos in the beeswax we use to create our Salve (and nearly every single beeswax product on the market!).

So while the amounts contained within our salve are a small fraction of what's recognized as safe by the EPA and under the Federal Farm Bill, and don't need to be shown, we seriously value transparency and think it's the right thing to do..