SHARE THE WORD! AMMA Healing Unveils ELEVATE Hemp Elixir. All the Buzz, all the Bliss, None of the Booze.

Hey friends, we are super excited to be launching a new product, ELEVATE, and need your help to spread the word!

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  • Checkout my friend’s latest product, ELEVATE Hemp Elixir, which provides a great buzz without any booze.

  • ELEVATE is a conscious drink mixer that provides a sober buzz that can be added to any beverage, with or without alcohol.

  • ELEVATE maintains the social ritual of enjoying an adult beverage with a meaningful mood-enhancement, without harming your brain, liver, or waistline.

  • ELEVATE is a perfect way to de-stress during quarantine without alcohol’s harmful effects.

  • ELEVATE is all-natural, organic, vegetarian, calorie-free, and formulated with zero harmful chemicals and zero additives. It’s unlike anything else on the market because it works in minutes to enhance your experience, mood, and health.

  • With ELEVATE, you can sip without the sacrifice.

    ELEVATE is now available for a special launch discount of 20% off through June 8th, 2020. For more information on AMMA Healing, visit here.